Film Diaries x Jeffrey Tang

I met Jeffrey A Tang at a DTLA party. Everyone pretty much looked the same except for him. I remember his thick rolled socks and his small-rimmed glasses. He was probably the coolest guy at that party.

For one, he shoots film and I respect people who shoot strictly on film camera’s. Secondly, he has a dope ass girlfriend, Moniqa who is my cosmic soulmate (taurus for life).

This duo had such a dynamic vibe while shooting me at my eclectic home in Costa Mesa. I really love meeting and vibing with other creatives. It’s where true collaborations happen and these photos are a testament.

Moniqa brought over her thrifted 90’s statement pieces and Jeff rummaged through my closet to style an oddly paired but spectacular outfit. I was impressed with his styling skills to say the least.

We played Brandy throwbacks and blasted through 2 rolls of film. I hope you guys like the photos <3



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