The 15 hour flight was more bearable than I had imagined. It’s always best to have a travel buddy, in this case my colleague Charina, master of all trades and powerhouse at REVOLVE. We were embarking on an adventure to Shanghai, China to promote REVOLVE Social Club & assist in producing the Shanghai editorial feature!

The first few days were torrential downpour. It was unusually difficult and foreign to carry an umbrella for an extended period of time… issues of an LA drought-er. We scouted locations, sampled some dumplings, and took a small tour of the French Concession, our neighborhood for the week.

8 looks down, we wrapped the shoot before sunset. It was so refreshing to get in my element of styling & producing again. I truly miss having that as my creative outlet. I’m so happy I was able to do this on my trip.

The reminder of the days were spent at our REVOLVE Social Club in the heart of Shanghai. I was able to meet some of my favorite influencers along with some bad ass fashion editors.

There’s only a few things my mama said I gotta do/have… and that’s full coverage health insurance & travel. I am so god damn blessed to have both in addition to actually having my dream job.

Next up, The Hamptons & NY for the rest of June/July. Stay tuned for my adventures!

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